Preston Dukes album!

Preston Dukes has officially released his debut album titled Amarillo By Midnight. Members of Fishboy and Count Dracula’s Weed Juggling Jam Engine make up the new project and are playing the 10 song set live (including the title track Amarillo By Midnight) in Austin, TX venues. Their first video “I’m On A Budget” has been a viral hit and was recently featured on Smokey Farris did the art work for the Preston Dukes release. All recordings have been created, mixed and mastered @ Bundyhill Recording Studio.

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INsite Magazine, Local & National Traxx Review

Preston Dukes – Amarillo by Midnight
(Business Deal Records)
Better known as guitar shredder for experimental
hard rock lounge act Count Dracula’s
Weed Smuggling Jam Engine, Preston
Dukes’ longtime solo side project became a
fully realized band with a November 2008
debut at Hole in the Wall. The subsequent
full-length debut produced by local studio
Bundyhill Recording maintains a collective
feel, with Business Deal partners and associates
filling in for the live experience.
The eponymous opening track, cowritten
by local filmmaker and videographer
James Oswald, is a favorite staple
of Business Deal partners Charles Potts
Magic Windmill Band, one of the coolest
stoner country songs you’ll ever hear. It’s
a deceptively country and folksy song that
underlines an appreciation of styles and
comfort with crossing musical boundaries.
The existential cravings of “Chinese
Food” and anti-comedy of manners “Out
of Jokes” shy away from the lovelorn “I’m
so sensitive” singer/songwriter posturing,
thanks to Dukes’ insightful lyrical range
– humorous self-deprecation to serious
personal contemplation.
The song that may become a cult video
hit, “I’m On A Budget,” is a relatable rock
smoothie. Feel good pop melody blends
well with a slightly funky beat, synthesizer
horns (replaced live by trumpeter Adam
Avaremscu), and somewhat agitating
vocals by Dukes. “E.S.T” is quite a contrast

to this, as he holds a musical séance, conjuring
images of Nirvana. The CD mellows
out by the gently rocking closing track

(another Dukes & Oswald collaboration).
The shifting of styles was somewhat
jarring at first listen, but Amarillo by Midnight
becomes a worthwhile ride. Make a
trip to your favorite local record shop and
buy the CD for your next road trip.
Go to or visit for upcoming
shows, including a release party.

– Danna Williams, INsite Magazine

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