New Cavedweller album out.

Press Release for Cavedweller – 2016 pt II & III

Cavedweller is gearing down to put out his 10th album in June of 2012. This exclusive will include the option to purchase a limited edition cassette tape along with the digital. 2016 pt II& III was recorded during 2011 after moving from Austin to San Antonio. The feel of these recordings is different from the “traditional” 4-track tape sound that Cavedweller has been producing for the last 20 years. The shift hasn’t so much increased sound fidelity but rather deepened the lo-fi intensity with many layers of tracking and double tracking. This long awaited release is an essential step into the psychedelic folk rock arena Cavedweller fans have eagerly enjoyed since the early 90’s.

Past Reviews:

“The Best Version Of… Ever” is relaxingly well honed, purposefully meandering, and deceptively simple. Like a ninja posing as a folk singer who rides the same bus for 17 years just to pull off a hit… but much more restless”. -Shon Toney, Haggard and Halloo Publications

“Cavedweller is a lyrical riddle wrapped inside an enigma, a long beard, and a galaxy.” – Kathryn-Terese Haik, Live Music Capitol

“Picture him descending underground for about 20 years with a guitar, and a seemingly limitless supply of notebooks and pens. Now wonder what he wrote…Concrete and abstract observations, stream-of-consciousness poems transformed into lyrics, eventually set to heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll.”- Danna Williams, INsite Magazine

“Operating on the mellow fringe of Austin’s always healthy psychedelic scene, Cavedweller has quietly put together some of the most fascinating work in town.” -The Deli Magazine


2016 pt I & II on Bandcamp

2016 pt I & II liner notes

Previous Releases:

2010- Cavedweller – gone to seed / tape, Instincto Records, Out of Print

2009 – Cavedweller / Shapes Have Fangs, 7″ Split, Winner of 2009 Best 7″ Split Award, Austin Chronicle

2006 – Cavedweller – Best Version of Gloria Ever There Was



Business Deal Records PO Box 151054 Austin, Texas 78715 *

Fishboy writes and performs soundtrack for movie.

From Fishboy’s website:

Eliza Kinkz, who some of you may remember from animating the Parachute video has made a pretty excellent animated short film called “Chocolate Milk.” She was nice enough to let me write and perform the soundtrack and I’m very excited to announce that it has been accepted into the SXSW film festival this year! Check out the trailer!

"Chocolate Milk" Trailer

Cavedweller in NYC w/ Moonmen On the Moon, Man!

Moonmen On The Moon, Man just released their debut 8-song EP entitled, Maan via CAPE SHOK. Moonmen on the Moon, Man’s songs are fast, catchy bursts of janglepunk played by Andy Bodor (booker and co-owner of Cake Shop), Isabel Martin (ex Yellow Fever), Roxanne Lange along with a rotating cast of musicians.


149 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11215
PHONE: 718-643-6510

Price: $8

Official Lineup:

Moonmen On the Moon, Man
Paper Fleet