Psych Fest!!


Cavedweller will be playing the Radio Room @ on Day 3 of Austin’s 2nd Annual Psyche Fest!

Here’s the official press release:

PSYCH FEST 2 | 03/13-15 @ Radio Room, Austin, TX

* For Immediate Release *

Friends, Austinites, countrymen, lend us your ears: THE BLACK ANGELS and LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL present PSYCH FEST 2 Friday March 13th through Sunday March 15th, in Austin, Texas, spiritual birthplace and global epicenter of psychedelia.  What better way to honor the cradle of consciousness than a festival of hallucinogenic sights and sounds celebrating the town’s musical heritage and spotlighting the best new vanguards of the most mind-bending music ever played?  Your three-day key to the doors of perception is a scant $45 (or one day doses for $15 ) available online on beginning Friday the 13th, 2.13.09 at Noon, and in Austin record stores the following week. With a lineup featuring such acclaimed acts as Austin’s own THE BLACK ANGELS, joined by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS, DEAD MEADOW, THE WARLOCKS, Sky Sunlight Saxon of legendary garage rock innovators THE SEEDS and a constellation of rising underground stars from Austin and around the world including THE WOODEN SHJIPS, INDIAN JEWELRY, THE STRANGE BOYS, THE GOLDEN ANIMALS and many more, those doors will be rocked off their hinges. This year’s Fest also features Austin’s psych cult heroes, THE GOLDEN DAWN performing their 1968 album ‘Power Plant’ from start to finish. Prepare your earthly vessel for lift-off.

A thousand people showed up to last year’s festival, and it became a word-of-mouth phenomenon:

“The daylong happening elicited the high baptismal glow of the bygone Vulcan Gas Company.”

-Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

“The Black Angels are making history come alive…[Psych Fest is] ground zero for Austin’s post-millennial psychedelia.”

-Sean O’Neal, The Onion

Psych Fest 2 resurrects the free-thinking spirit of the sane-minded individual through the universality of great music, honoring The Vulcan Gas Company and the innovators that played there. Non-conformists and seekers are welcome, and the uninitiated are invited to come explore outer and inner space and in an atmosphere of psychotropic bliss, because blowing minds is our business.

With liquid light projections by Adam Demetri and Scott Conn, artwork by Christian Bland and The Vulcan Gas Company (1967-70), and classic trip sequences by I Luv Video and Austin Underground Film.

Event Hours: FRI 8:30pm-close, SAT noon-close, SUN noon-close

The event will be held at the future site of the future site of Austin’s Radio Room at 508 E 6th St

“Tune in, turn on, drone out.”

Full lineup coming soon, check for details.


About Cavedweller:

“quiet ramshackley lo fi psychedelic fulk loud echoey psychedelic rock danceparty or quiet and lovely acapella with knee slaps other times just clapping with some breathing sounds and birds in the background maybe an organ dirge or whistle solo mostly songs are about some movie or food newspaper say it sound like wadded up paper and a girl the other night said he sound like THE JUDYS.” -Roger Roll

Bill’s Ranch show!

Business Deal Records @ Bill’s Ranch on Friday November 14th!!! Sponsored by Live Music, Business Deal Records, Austin Underground Film and Drippings Springs sponsor a night of psychedelic music and film. Films shown between sets. Keg beer, vodka and campfire provided. Donations will get you merchandise provided by Business Deal Records (comps!) and shirts from Live Music

Review of Cavedweller – The Best Version of Gloria Ever There Was

Cavedweller’s Oblivion

by Shon Toney
Cavedweller – The Best Version of Gloria Ever There Was
The Temple Inc. and Business Deal Entertainment, 2006

Cavedweller’s newest begins expansively and ends explosively. Skipping across the country to finish a trail of illegitimate conversations his imagination snuck away and spawned on drunken nights he was distracted with trying to keep the headlights going in the same direction. He’s a more seasoned traveler for this round of shimmery falsetto folk psychedlia. Making a clear distinction between the man and the horse he road in on. Despite being inseparable, seemingly unable to stable her liberties because he “can’t afford” it.

And for good reason– there’re bits and pieces of him all over the map! As he leaps in and out like Google Earth on a meandering scavenger hunt for black majick rhythms, cocaine cookies, and post modern love conundrums. Everything’s fuzzy at first, dropping us into a fractured ocean of details sharpening themselves against the stoned groove. Yet, our Cavedweller is always acutely aware of his location. Even when drifting through the space between… or closer and closer to the sun. But like mythic Icarus– you’ve been lovingly warned.

Three tracks in, “Can’t Cook Down No More” seems to hold the jangly, life-sized road map. Tracing the unlikely highlights of Cavedweller’s journey from a pubescent puking on planes to an adolescent who knows better than steering into a place called “Gun Barrel City” Texas (especially having already been run out of much friendlier sounding locales). Just to retire in the first line of the very next song.

But the journey’s only begun. He still has to climb the sky’s precipitations, shedding styles like cherished rattlesnake skins, to stare at the sun until it becomes the eyes of the girl who believes, letting everything else burn and burn and…

“The Best Version Of… Ever” is relaxingly well honed, purposefully meandering, and deceptively simple. Like a ninja posing as a folk singer who rides the same bus for 17 years just to pull off a hit… but much more restless. Cavedweller admits that, like every runaway train, he might have to sleep in the ditch. But not before conjuring other restless spirits for rounds of libation, mesmerism, and, as needed– silky execution.

But Cavedweller doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Just lure them in to his warm sonic lair, buried under haunted layers of rock, and sing them a funeral dirge. About how illogical hell thinks heaven’s being… How to sew a seamless shirt… How to stick a feather in your hair and call it something besides macaroni… How the hi-way stretches on forever (if the sun doesn’t burn us alive first)… Until all the conversations are tucked safely with care back into their wombs… And he rides off… Alone at last.