New BD Comp!

BH Album Cover

BH Album Cover

Bundy Hill Recordings: The Informal Sessions 2006-2009
2009, Business Deal Records

This compilation is a chronicle of the get togethers, group intoxications, and one-time projects that have happened at Bundyhill Recording Studio since it began in 2006. No plans were made for any of these songs and you’ll see the same names come up in many different combinations. For the most part these songs were conceived, written, played and recorded in one session.

This has been the preferred mode of creation since Business Deal began and various friends & associates
continue the tradition with this release. Includes members of Woven Bones, Cavedweller, Horse + Donkey, Pataphysics, The Mathletes, Monkeytown, Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band, The Carrots, New York Knife Fight and many others.

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Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band’s song “I Live In My Car” has been selected to appear on National Public Radio’s Car Talk album entitled, “Car Talk Car Tunes Volume 3: Stairway to Heapdom”. The CD will be released summer 2009.

Stay tuned for more info on how you can get a copy!!!

Windmill Band / Silver Jews poster.

Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band will take a short break after opening for the Silver Jews @ Emo’s outside. Silver Jews, James Jackson Toth, Charles Potts Magic Windmill play @ Emo’s (outside) on Friday, Sept. 19th. Tickets are $12. 11×17, show posters are for sale. Limited edition, professionally screen printed on chipboard. Designed by Dustin Coffey of Shapes Have Fangs. $10 with shipping included.