New BD Comp!

BH Album Cover

BH Album Cover

Bundy Hill Recordings: The Informal Sessions 2006-2009
2009, Business Deal Records

This compilation is a chronicle of the get togethers, group intoxications, and one-time projects that have happened at Bundyhill Recording Studio since it began in 2006. No plans were made for any of these songs and you’ll see the same names come up in many different combinations. For the most part these songs were conceived, written, played and recorded in one session.

This has been the preferred mode of creation since Business Deal began and various friends & associates
continue the tradition with this release. Includes members of Woven Bones, Cavedweller, Horse + Donkey, Pataphysics, The Mathletes, Monkeytown, Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band, The Carrots, New York Knife Fight and many others.

Buy the album here for $10 plus S/H!!

Bd Lotto 2 CD!

BD Lotto show flyer.

BD Lotto show flyer.

Band Lotto Show!

Band Lotto 2: a musical experiment where 41 people signed up to be randomly sorted into bands with total strangers. They were randomly assigned instruments, song subjects and musical genres. We have compiled these songs and are ready to release and present them!

Sunday December 13, 2009
5 – 8PM, $6 admission (free CD)
@ Okay Mountain

Everyone who attends gets a free CD with the price of admission. And there is free kegga Anchor Steam XXXmas Ale! All for only $6. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Get there on time if you want to partake in the keg and be sure to get a CD before they might sell out.

We will present these songs to you! And you can sign up for Band Lotto 3.

And Reports:

You may remember the wacky experiment staged by Business Deal Records last year that featured thirty-three Austin musicians being shuffled into bands and assigned instruments, all dictated by the whim of a cold and unfeeling lottery system. Well, the album that resulted from the lotto sessions was a blast, and they’re at it again.

This year, the process of song creation became even more strictly defined by a “genre randomization feature” which required participants to craft songs along the lines of “techno, easy listening, heavy metal, and Christmas music.” And like last year, when every band was required to base a song around the theme of “baby fat,” this year each group had to write a glam rock song about “jerks.”

From the Business Deal press release: “The process of Band Lotto is truly the reward, but this year we are doubly blessed because the finished product is actually amazing. Do not be surprised if you are astounded upon listening to this CD. There are so many diamonds buried throughout you might think it was sponsored by DeBeers.”

Actually, Bundyhill Studios will be supplying refreshments, and the whole powwow will be going down at OK Mountain Studios. Admission is six dollars, which includes a copy of the compilation. Bands formed during the project will perform and/or show music videos, and sign-up sheets for the third installment of the Band Lotto will be on hand.

By Adam S in Arts and Entertainmen on December 11, 2009 12:29 PM

BD Lotto Part 2!!!!!

l_52f6906b4e7d419393bc15d84ab7714eBusiness Deal Band Lotto is back!!!!!!

We’re doing it again, this time it’s more complicated!

For those of you who don’t know the Band Lotto is a musical experiment/experience where you are randomly selected to form bands with friends and strangers and then expected to play random instruments.  This time we are also going to assign you random topics to write about and this year we are even going to choose random music genres that you must play them in.  It’s going to be restrictive as hell!  Finally you will be liberated from the void of creative uncertainty.  We’re going to give you sweet wonderful rules to follow (or to bend, tweak, massage and blur.)  If you want the freedom to do whatever you want this is not the place to do it.  That is what you do in your regular band.  This is an experiment.  We want to see just how amazing a song you can write about orphans with three drummers and a keyboard playing polka (for example.)  It’s all going to be random, and insane, and pressure-free.  Last year we had people who have never played an instrument in their lives sign up and make fantastic music.  And plenty of people played instruments they had never touched before.

Stay tuned for more info!!

Band Lotto Album!

The latest Business Deal Records Project!!! The goal is to promote the formation of new sounds, songs, friends and bands. Here’s how it worked: We gathered a group of friends, acquaintances and strangers and putting all of their names in a hat. We drew those names out of the hat. The first four will be assigned to be Band 1. The second four will be Band 2. The third four, oddly enough, will be Band 3. This exercise will continue until everyone had been assigned to a band. Next, we will spin a large “prize wheel” type of device to determine what instruments everyone will be required to play in their bands. The wedges of this wheel will have words such as guitar, drums, bass, etc written on them. You must play the designated instrument even if your band members have all been assigned the same one. That will make your song even more interesting. We will then put another handful of paper into a hat. These slips of paper will have many random topics written on them such as Canada, Dogs, Sadness, Temperature, Cube, Purple, etch. Those aren’t the actual topics I just made those up. We will then draw one slip of paper out of the hat and every group must write a song about that topic. They will also be required to write an additional song that does not have to be about the topic. Once everyone has written and recorded their two songs we shall distribute them to everyone to be voted on and then we shall release a CD featuring all of the songs in the order from favorite to least favorite.

The songs are finished and the cd is complete, stay tuned on how you can get one!!!!

Check it out on myspace!!!!!

The first review!!

Phases & Stages

Texas Platters

Business Deal Band Lotto

(Business Deal)

Business Deal’s 2005 compilation followed a Top 40 format. Now, the local label’s Lotto goes to the next level with the luck of the draw. Thirty-three names were placed in a hat, along with random instruments, out of which nine bands were formed. Each act wrote two songs based on topics also placed in a hat. The result is a diverse collection of weirdo pop culled from members of River City scenesters Cavedweller, Finally Punk, Shapes Have Fangs, Total Abuse, Pataphysics, Belaire, and more. Mystic Chainsaw serves up a lo-fi chunk of booty bass about baby fat, P.O.T.’s “Service the Eagle” is a delirious mash of dreamy pop, and Glowstick Mountain’s “Grandma” is a sweet, kazoo-filled ode to the sexual preference of a member of the greatest generation. Closer “Suicide, the Band” proves the most unlistenable track here, but once again, Business Deal proves thinking outside the box can win the Lotto.