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Finally re-issued! American Apparel Business Deal t-shirts with original early 90’s logo. Limited supply and the larges will sell out first so be sure get one quick if that’s your size. They come in Charcoal grey with white logo or white V-neck shirt with black logo. Shirts are $10 plus shipping and handling.

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$6 CD, almost out.

$6 – The Zom Zoms – Yellow Rainbow
2006, Business Deal Records
ON SALE!!! Shipping included.

If a cadre of savage geeks had commandeered a Brook Mays Organ store at the mall in 1981, the resulting disturbance might have resembled the Zom Zoms’ third album in both tone and attitude. With synthetic rhythms oscillating at full speed, the Twister-mat-patterned, sleeveless-shirt-wearing local quartet injects as much ferocity into primitive synth-punk as their vintage mechanism will bear. From start to finish, Yellow Rainbow is a breakneck fusillade of aural grist for the inner spaz. – Greg Beets, The Austin Chronicle


Just look at these fucking guys:

New BD Comp!

BH Album Cover

BH Album Cover

Bundy Hill Recordings: The Informal Sessions 2006-2009
2009, Business Deal Records

This compilation is a chronicle of the get togethers, group intoxications, and one-time projects that have happened at Bundyhill Recording Studio since it began in 2006. No plans were made for any of these songs and you’ll see the same names come up in many different combinations. For the most part these songs were conceived, written, played and recorded in one session.

This has been the preferred mode of creation since Business Deal began and various friends & associates
continue the tradition with this release. Includes members of Woven Bones, Cavedweller, Horse + Donkey, Pataphysics, The Mathletes, Monkeytown, Charles Potts Magic Windmill Band, The Carrots, New York Knife Fight and many others.

Buy the album here for $10 plus S/H!!

New Cavedweller album!!!

cavetapeNOW AVAILABLE!!! Only $6!

Cavedweller – Gone to Seed / Tape

Cavedweller‘s latest release from INSTINCTO RECORDS, an Austin, Texas based record label. The album is entitled, “Gone to Seed / Tape“. That’s right, it will ONLY be released on tape cassette at this time. You can expect 15 new songs over 42 minutes of classic lo-fi recordings. For sale here and on Business Deal Records featuring the song, “Poison” and many others. Purchase the cassette here for six dollars including shipping and handling. Very limited amounts of this tape were produced so get it while you can.


Pataphysics Tour!!!!


May 20 2009 10:00P
Pataphysics Tour Kick-off at Creekside Lounge Austin, Texas
May 21 2009 10:00P
Denton, Texas @ Rubber Gloves w/ Fishboy Denton, Texas
May 22 2009 10:00P
Lubbock, TX @ Bash Riprock’s w/ The Diamond Center Lubbock, Texas
May 23 2009 10:00P
Albuquerque, NM @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge Albuquerque, New Mexico
May 24 2009 10:00P
Flagstaff, Arizona @ the Joint with Andrew & the Contrast Flagstaff, Arizona
May 26 2009 10:00P
Hollywood/Los Angeles, California @ TBA Los Angeles, California
May 27 2009 10:00P
Los Angeles/Hollywood, California @ TBA Los Angeles, California
May 28 2009 9:30P
Fresno, California @ Audie’s Olympic (formerly Club Fred) Fresno, California
May 29 2009 10:00P
Stockton, California @ the Plea for Peace Center **all ages** Stockton, California
May 30 2009 10:00P
San Francisco, California @ the Parkside with the Go-Going-Gone Girls San Francisco, California
May 31 2009 10:00P
Sacramento, California @ Fungarden with The TakeOver UK (Pittsburg PA), Gliss (LA), PETS & 20,000 Sacramento, California
Jun 1 2009 10:00P
Hollywood/Los Angeles/Long Beach, California @ TBA San Francisco/Berkely/Oakland, California
Jun 2 2009 10:00P
Hollywood/Los Angeles/Long Beach, California @ TBA Los Angeles, California
Jun 3 2009 10:00P
San Diego, California @ Beauty Bar San Diego, California
Jun 4 2009 10:00P
Phoenix, Arizona @ TBA Phoenix, Arizona
Jun 5 2009 10:00P
El Paso, Texas @ Zepplin’s Underground El Paso, Texas
Jun 6 2009 10:00P
Marfa, Texas with XYX Marfa, Texas
Jun 27 2009 10:00P
Hole in the Wall with Preston Dukes Band Austin, Texas


BD @ SXSW 2009!

March, 20 @ SXSW 2009

Pataphysics Show

Pataphysics, Silver Pines, Nite Jewel @ the Moose Lodge for a SXSW Day Show!

Shapes Have Fangs Shows

March 18th@ 8pm.  SXSW Showcase @ The Music Gym

March 19th @ 1pm. Aces Lounge

March 19th @ 9:45pm. Moose Lodge

March 20th @ 8:30pm. United States Art Authority

March 21st @ 8pm. Bill’s Place