Laguna Studio & BD Records.

Business Deal Records is teaming up with Laguna Studio. Bands coming through our site will receive a discount in the studio. Contact us for details: businessdealrecords @

Laguna Studio Mission Statement:

LAGUNA STUDIO is a sweaty little recording shop in Austin, Texas. We have fun when we record and it always sounds good. We are currently using a Otari MX5050 1/2″ 8 track for all of the recordings. We have digital capabilities but you should probably go somewhere else if you want to record that way. We also offer licensing, music consulting, custom music creation and sound design for advertising, film, television, video games and radio.

Bands recorded at LAGUNA: Finally Punk, John Wesley Coleman, Followed By Static, Christian Bland & The Revelators w/ (Lee Blackwell), The UFO Club, Cry Blood Apache, Bang Bang Theodores, Shapes Have Fangs, Rayon Beach, Holy Wave, Total Abuse, The Zoltares, Flesh Lights, Elvis, The Fabulous Breadwinners, Woven Bones, Datura 5 and Hatchet Wound.

Visit them on Myspace as well.

Bd Lotto 2 CD!

BD Lotto show flyer.

BD Lotto show flyer.

Band Lotto Show!

Band Lotto 2: a musical experiment where 41 people signed up to be randomly sorted into bands with total strangers. They were randomly assigned instruments, song subjects and musical genres. We have compiled these songs and are ready to release and present them!

Sunday December 13, 2009
5 – 8PM, $6 admission (free CD)
@ Okay Mountain

Everyone who attends gets a free CD with the price of admission. And there is free kegga Anchor Steam XXXmas Ale! All for only $6. Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Get there on time if you want to partake in the keg and be sure to get a CD before they might sell out.

We will present these songs to you! And you can sign up for Band Lotto 3.

And Reports:

You may remember the wacky experiment staged by Business Deal Records last year that featured thirty-three Austin musicians being shuffled into bands and assigned instruments, all dictated by the whim of a cold and unfeeling lottery system. Well, the album that resulted from the lotto sessions was a blast, and they’re at it again.

This year, the process of song creation became even more strictly defined by a “genre randomization feature” which required participants to craft songs along the lines of “techno, easy listening, heavy metal, and Christmas music.” And like last year, when every band was required to base a song around the theme of “baby fat,” this year each group had to write a glam rock song about “jerks.”

From the Business Deal press release: “The process of Band Lotto is truly the reward, but this year we are doubly blessed because the finished product is actually amazing. Do not be surprised if you are astounded upon listening to this CD. There are so many diamonds buried throughout you might think it was sponsored by DeBeers.”

Actually, Bundyhill Studios will be supplying refreshments, and the whole powwow will be going down at OK Mountain Studios. Admission is six dollars, which includes a copy of the compilation. Bands formed during the project will perform and/or show music videos, and sign-up sheets for the third installment of the Band Lotto will be on hand.

By Adam S in Arts and Entertainmen on December 11, 2009 12:29 PM

Pataphysics @ Emo’s!


10/24/2009 @ 9:00@ at Emo’s with Yellow Fever, Strong Silent Type, and You and Me
Red River and 6th St., austin, Texas 78702
Cost: $5

and in NOVEMBER:

11/9/2009 9:30 PM at Emo’s with Hawnay Troof and Cowabunga Babes
Red River and 6th St., austin, Texas 78702
Cost: 5

Psych Fest!!


Cavedweller will be playing the Radio Room @ on Day 3 of Austin’s 2nd Annual Psyche Fest!

Here’s the official press release:

PSYCH FEST 2 | 03/13-15 @ Radio Room, Austin, TX

* For Immediate Release *

Friends, Austinites, countrymen, lend us your ears: THE BLACK ANGELS and LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL present PSYCH FEST 2 Friday March 13th through Sunday March 15th, in Austin, Texas, spiritual birthplace and global epicenter of psychedelia.  What better way to honor the cradle of consciousness than a festival of hallucinogenic sights and sounds celebrating the town’s musical heritage and spotlighting the best new vanguards of the most mind-bending music ever played?  Your three-day key to the doors of perception is a scant $45 (or one day doses for $15 ) available online on beginning Friday the 13th, 2.13.09 at Noon, and in Austin record stores the following week. With a lineup featuring such acclaimed acts as Austin’s own THE BLACK ANGELS, joined by A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS, DEAD MEADOW, THE WARLOCKS, Sky Sunlight Saxon of legendary garage rock innovators THE SEEDS and a constellation of rising underground stars from Austin and around the world including THE WOODEN SHJIPS, INDIAN JEWELRY, THE STRANGE BOYS, THE GOLDEN ANIMALS and many more, those doors will be rocked off their hinges. This year’s Fest also features Austin’s psych cult heroes, THE GOLDEN DAWN performing their 1968 album ‘Power Plant’ from start to finish. Prepare your earthly vessel for lift-off.

A thousand people showed up to last year’s festival, and it became a word-of-mouth phenomenon:

“The daylong happening elicited the high baptismal glow of the bygone Vulcan Gas Company.”

-Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle

“The Black Angels are making history come alive…[Psych Fest is] ground zero for Austin’s post-millennial psychedelia.”

-Sean O’Neal, The Onion

Psych Fest 2 resurrects the free-thinking spirit of the sane-minded individual through the universality of great music, honoring The Vulcan Gas Company and the innovators that played there. Non-conformists and seekers are welcome, and the uninitiated are invited to come explore outer and inner space and in an atmosphere of psychotropic bliss, because blowing minds is our business.

With liquid light projections by Adam Demetri and Scott Conn, artwork by Christian Bland and The Vulcan Gas Company (1967-70), and classic trip sequences by I Luv Video and Austin Underground Film.

Event Hours: FRI 8:30pm-close, SAT noon-close, SUN noon-close

The event will be held at the future site of the future site of Austin’s Radio Room at 508 E 6th St

“Tune in, turn on, drone out.”

Full lineup coming soon, check for details.