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$12.00 – Pataphysics – Take A Look Out Your Window

2008 and 2010, Business Deal Records

The first full length album from Pataphysics. You get the 12 inch vinyl and a cd shipped directly to you! Includes songs like “Jesus, Grow a Handlebar Mustache For Me,” a cover of Red Krayola’s “Hurricane Fighterplane,” and features the Pataphysics band joined by members of YellowFever, Belaire, the Carrots, Cavedweller, and Voxtrot. The only way to get this right now is to email Pat himself and order a copy. Email: pataphysicsband (at) gmail.com


$10.00 – Preston Dukes – Amarillo by Midnight

2008, Business Deal Records

The debut album from Preston Dukes features 12 tracks of American rock and roll. Hit songs Amarillo by Midnite and I’m on a Budget lend insight to their author as he explores the modern mind. Other tracks like Out of Jokes and Potpourri Stroke strike a social commentary that is at once humorous and cynical. Preston also put his phone number on the spine of the CD so you can call him and tell him what you think. Limited first run.


$6 – The Zom Zoms – Yellow Rainbow

2006, Business Deal Records


If a cadre of savage geeks had commandeered a Brook Mays Organ store at the mall in 1981, the resulting disturbance might have resembled the Zom Zoms’ third album in both tone and attitude. With synthetic rhythms oscillating at full speed, the Twister-mat-patterned, sleeveless-shirt-wearing local quartet injects as much ferocity into primitive synth-punk as their vintage mechanism will bear. From start to finish, Yellow Rainbow is a breakneck fusillade of aural grist for the inner spaz. – Greg Beets, The Austin Chronicle